Moments #1

I have been contemplating lately whether I should start a new blog section, showcasing a moment I captured with my camera that summarizes my day, and here's the first one.
Woke up early in the morning to bake a chocolate cake that I would later on devour with my friends at the new Starbucks coffee shop in the Aberdeen University campus. Lately we are experiencing glorious, sunny days with even more glorious blue skies, I see this as a compensation for the non-existing summer this year. This picture is the view I had during the whole time this evening, the Rapunzel towers, as we call them, a beautiful gate in the middle of the campus. Let's pray for more days of joy like this.
Happy Sunday!



Fitness October

This week has been so hectic, long hours in the day job and then working as a blogger promoting local events and festivals up until late, all I can say is that I'm knackered....
...and then today it was the tip of the iceberg when I collapsed because I was so busy so I forgot to drink water and eat good food, so here I am now lying in bed struggling to even type this sentence.
While cycling back home-with whatever power and energy I had left in my body-I made a promise to myself; let this month be the time I take REAL care of myself.

Let's this be the time....

I drink 2 litres of water per day
I eat regularly and only nutritional food
I have me as my priority instead of my day job
I keep up with my fitness routine, even though I cycle an hour per day to and from the office
I have my body as my temple

Now, who's with me?
Let's all stick together and comment on our progress under my weekly update posts, the more the merrier!



Kotryna Bass

If you are an avid reader of this blog then I am sure you have noticed a change going on for the past weeks or so, a new blog design and a fresh look for the new season.

Kotryna, from the Kotryna Bass blog contacted me sometime ago if I would like her to do a new blog design for me. Having seen her amazing work at various blogs and at one of my favourite's, the Beauty Crush, I knew she was the right person to discuss about my blog's design.

I picked the Classy Lady from the pre-made templates  and did the installation myself, which I have to admit was a piece of cake, courtesy of Kotryna's very detailed instructions and installation plan :)
On top of this, Kotryna was always happy to help and online answering my questions before, during and after installation.

I am delighted with the new design and very satisfied with Kotryna's services. Not to mention that I got a new blog friend in my cards, haha :)

If you wanna follow Kotryna's awesome blog then visit her here and if you are looking for a new blog design then this is the place to go :)


Acne Studios

Acne Studios
in LOVE with these beret hats...

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