Monday, 23 December 2013

Personal style // The green striped sweater

Green striped sweater
wearing: coat-c/o Oasap,  Moto black baxter jeans-Topshop // ripped by me,  belt-Moschinoshoes-Sheinside // similar here, scarf-vintage // similar here, socks-Pringle
Green striped sweater
Green striped sweater

Incidents happen right? You know when you wake up with all this determination to do the laundry and then, bam, bad luck hits you. Last Monday I had all the good will to play it the pretty/domestic Goddess and clean the flat (aka do the laundry and wash the dishes-kidding I didn't do the last one). George through one of his beloved sweaters on the top of my dirty clothes pile and as a good girl as I am, I promised to wash it.
Two hours later, I had done my hair, had read my favourite fashion blogs and was ready to head to Finnieston for lunch, until the sound of the finished dryer dragged me to the kitchen to find George's beloved sweater shrunk!
I panicked for a while, thought of browsing Topshop to find a similar one and that very moment the phone rang. The conversation followed was like that:
George: Hey, I was thinking of buying you a designer's bag for Christmas..
Me: Eh?
George: Yeah you know like these you were browsing last night on the internet
Me: Hmm, alright. Do you have anything particular in mind?
George: Yes! How about the Fiu Fiu one you were lusting after the other day?
Me: Are you referring to the blue Miu Miu bag?
George: What did I say?
At that moment I forgot about the shrunk sweater and hold my abs that were hurting as I couldn't stop laughing from what he has just said. That man never fails to amaze me!


P.SIn case you've been wondering, he said nothing about the sweater! That was close -phew-!


  1. Very comfy and cute outfit! Love the sweater (:

  2. Did he misspelled it or actually thought that Fiu Fiu is the brand name? In any case, that's a hilarious conversation! Please do more similar posts..
    Merry Christmas!

    1. Well the point is that George never pays attention to anything unrelated to Maths. He is a very clever guy and believes that anything else apart from science is a waste of time. So when it comes to fashion and especially shopping he has no idea and I am 100% sure he thought that Fiu Fiu is actually how the brand is called :)

  3. 1 // Tragic που του το στενεψες, τι το θελες το στεγνωτηριο?!!
    2 // Did he eventually buy you the Fiu Fiu bag? :P

  4. Και να ηξερες τι δυναμη μου δινει το χαμογελο σου! Ποση ομορφια χωραει σε ενα προσωπο..

  5. Very inspriational! You always look so pretty. Love how you styled this -great loafers! Happy holidays :)

  6. I love stripes!!!! :)
    He is so cute!! Fiu Fiu hahaha lucky girl ;)

    as dreamers do

  7. I love your jumper! green and navy is such a great colour combo! xx

  8. Your coat and jeans are perfect! Oh no about the sweater, but yay about the bag! Luckyyy xxx

  9. What a sweet story :) And the stripes are still pretty though!


  10. Lovely outfit.


  11. Sweet pictures and a great outfit! Looks cool. :)

  12. Your sweater is so cute and love the shoes. Wishing you and your loved ones a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! May it filled with joy, love, peace and happiness!

  13. gorgeous!
    love your layering

  14. your pants, look so cool...
    love your outfit..


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